Funding Assistance? We Can Help.

HWC can assist with CCMG, OCRA, and READI funding. Our success helping communities shows.

HWC prepared CCMG funding applications for 55 communities

HWC clients have received funding totaling over $94 million

11 Communities have received $999K or more 23 times

13 Communities have received $900K or more 29 times

READI 2021, North Central Indiana Region Awarded $30 Million

READI 2021, 180 Alliance Awarded $20 Million

READI 2021, Accelerate Rural Indiana Awarded $20 Million

READI 2021, South Central Indiana Talent Region Awarded $20 Million

READI 2.0 Central Indiana Regional Development Authority (CIRDA) and East Central Indiana are in progress.