HWC Asset Management Plans a Win for Indiana Communities

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Did you know asset management plans are a requirement of the Community Crossings Matching Grant Program? To date, HWC has developed asset management plans and helped complete grant applications for 16 Indiana communities. As a result, these communities have been awarded nearly $7.0 million in matching funds.

Asset management plans help communities and organizations manage their infrastructure and other assets. HWC has completed plans for numerous assets, including pavement, bridges, sidewalks, culverts, ADA curb ramps and signs.

Curious about how an asset management plan is developed? Let’s take a look at how HWC worked with the city of Salem, Indiana to develop their pavement asset management plan.

  1. HWC first took an inventory of the city’s road data and corporate limits.
  2. Next, a rating was assigned to each city street. This rating was based on a number of factors that analyzed the road’s overall condition.
  3. After rating each road, a treatment plan was created. The treatment plan helped the city determine the best way to maintain and improve its road assets over the next several years.

As a result, the final pavement asset management plan allowed the city to manage its assets in the most efficient and effective way.

HWC is currently working with 16 additional communities to develop asset management plans and secure grant funding.

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