HWC Thoroughfare Plans Drive Communities Forward

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Did you know HWC Engineering is leading thoroughfare plans for several Indiana communities?

Thoroughfare plans provide guidance for designing roadway infrastructure that supports circulation and economic development for a community. The plans lay the foundation for both the upgrade of existing routes and the construction of new routes in a community.

When working with communities to develop a thoroughfare plan, the HWC team encourages input and feedback from community members. From public meetings to project websites and online surveys, HWC’s project team works to understand the goals and vision of the communities with which we work.

Of the many comprehensive plans completed by HWC in the last few years, each has included a thoroughfare component. In addition to comprehensive and thoroughfare plans, the HWC team has completed corridor, downtown, economic development, park, walkability and utility plans. This experience makes HWC the planning partner of choice for several Indiana communities.

As a hands-on consultant, HWC works with community members during the planning process to gather feedback and ideas.

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