Activity Pool and Splash Pad – Lawrenceburg, IN

In 2018, the City of Lawrenceburg engaged HWC to assist in a new design for an aquatic attraction to replace their dated and aging splash pad adjacent to the public pool.

HWC designed a unique pirate-themed attraction, with a small pirate ship play feature and slide as a focal point in a new zero-entry activity pool. The ship is surrounded by a maximum water depth of 2’, the perfect depth for splashing younger children and for adults comfortably sitting on the edge while engaging with their children.

The activity pool is also flanked on either end by two splash pads, each with spray features further emphasizing the design. The surface of the splash pads is comprised of soft foam tiles that evoke island and water on a treasure map. The concrete deck surrounding the pool and splash pads is also painted with map symbols, including a compass rose, anchor and red dots leading the way to the treasure chest spray feature on the splash pad.

The project also included a new concrete deck replacement and a new mechanical building with chemical and filtration equipment for both the activity pool and the splash pad.


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