Fruitridge Avenue and Park Avenue Intersection – Vigo County, Indiana

The intersection is a major access route to areas north of Terre Haute and an industrial park on the east side of the City. The existing intersection was in need of signalization to move traffic through in a more efficient manner. The work included added left turn lanes to each approach and installation of a new traffic signal.

Though eligible for federal funding, the project was funded locally. The result was based on an evaluation HWC completed comparing costs to utilize federal versus local funding. Local funds allowed provided a cost savings of $300,000 and allowed the construction to begin within an 18 month schedule, rather than the 3-4 year timeframe typical of federally-funded projects that require additional right-of-way.

Project Highlights:
  • Design and right-of-way services
  • $300,000 cost savings and accelerated construction schedule due to local funds
  • Construction cost – 339,000
  • Completed in 2008



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