New Albany Housing Study

HWC worked with the New Albany Housing Authority (NAHA) to create a master plan for the long-term improvements and repositioning of public housing in the City of New Albany, Indiana.

This NAHA Master Plan presents an innovative approach to rethink how public and affordable housing is provided in communities. True to NAHA’s mission, the new master plan presents a generational shift in public housing services founded on the basic principle that all people, despite income, age or ability, deserve a safe, clean and affordable place to live. To achieve this, changes are identified to reorganize how public housing is managed and maintained, to remove and replace buildings that are past their useful lives and to create the next generation of neighborhoods that will better serve the needs of all New Albany citizens. Doing so involved an informed analysis of current conditions combined with the identification of desired best practices. Anticipated outcomes include replacing distressed public housing with vibrant new neighborhoods offering quality housing, walkable streets and accessible amenities desirable to all, regardless of background or income level.

The NAHA Master Plan was an APA-IN Finalist for the 2020 “Best Practice” category.


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