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Project Highlight – Monon Trail Widening & Resurfacing Project

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HWC is working with the Indianapolis Department of Public Works to complete the Monon Trail Widening and Resurfacing Project. As part of the project, a 10.5-mile stretch of the existing trail from the 10th Street trailhead to the 96th Street trailhead will be widened and resurfaced. 

Because of its complex nature, the project will be completed in phases. Phase I is currently underway and focuses on the project’s schematic design. This phase will determine how to best solve key issues and overcome challenging existing conditions prior to beginning the project’s design phase. Phase I will establish a complete project approach, schedule and budget.

Project Highlight – The Shoppes at Whitestown

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The Whitestown Plan Commission recently gave final approval for The Shoppes at Whitestown, a RealtyLink project coming in 2018. HWC completed surveying, engineering and landscape architecture for the project.

The $50 million development will be located north of Whitestown Parkway and west of Main Street, just east of I-65 at Exit 130. A new roundabout will also be constructed at the main entrance of the complex.

The complex will consist of two large buildings with more than 270,000 square feet of retail space and room for close to 20 tenants. The project will also include the development of seven out-parcels that will attract restaurants and boutique shops. The complex also features green space, including a pocket park. Bicycle racks are included to encourage nearby residents to walk or bike to the center.

Click here to read more about the project.


HWC Partnering to Transform Muncie Brownfield Sites

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HWC Engineering is working with several public, private, local and state partners, including the city of Muncie, Cardinal Greenways, INDOT and the Kitselman Pure Energy Park to complete three projects in Muncie.

The projects include the reconstruction of the East Jackson Street Bridge, the Kitselman Trailhead and the Kitselman Pure Energy Park. These projects will revitalize the former Indiana Steel and Wire and King Indiana Forge brownfield factory areas.

HWC is currently leading the design of the Kitselman Trailhead Project. The $13 million project was planned in partnership with Land Collective. The project will revitalize a brownfield site and surrounding area. The project has been divided into three construction phases.

  • Phase I consists of the restoration and installation of the old Bridge 85 and temporary trail connections to Cardinal greenway.
  • Phase II includes construction on the eastern side of the river and the former Indiana Steel and Wire employee parking lot, including a White River greenway trail connection. A large lawn area will also be constructed on the old parking lot.
  • Phase III includes construction on the western side of the river, which includes areas of the former King Forge property. Large art sculptures will be implemented in this phase to act as gateways to the city.

Major construction of the trailhead area will begin this summer and continue for several years. Click here to read the full article in the Muncie Journal.

HWC Celebrates King Street Corridor Project Ribbon Cutting in Franklin

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HWC Engineering celebrated with the city of Franklin yesterday at a ribbon cutting ceremony for the King Street Corridor Project.

Project improvements included enhanced roadway elements, reduced lane widths, traffic calming features and pedestrian improvements.

HWC is proud to partner with Indiana communities like Franklin to help complete infrastructure upgrade projects that improve the cities in which we live and work.









HWC Comprehensive Plans Help Revitalize Communities

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HWC Engineering is currently working with Jamestown, Indiana to develop its comprehensive plan.

The comprehensive plan will help the town establish goals, set priorities and take practical steps toward accomplishing those goals. Jamestown is concurrently updating its zoning ordinance, working on a stormwater plan and working with the Office of Community and Rural Affairs on upgrades to the downtown area.

As part of the planning process, HWC Engineering Director of Planning Cory Whitesell recently met with Jamestown residents to gather input on land use options and different project ideas they’d like to see around town.

The plan will go through months of drafting and revision, with multiple public meetings along the way. The plan is scheduled for adoption in November.

Click here to read the complete article. 

HWC Asset Management Plans a Win for Indiana Communities

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Did you know asset management plans are a requirement of the Community Crossings Matching Grant Program? To date, HWC has developed asset management plans and helped complete grant applications for 16 Indiana communities. As a result, these communities have been awarded nearly $7.0 million in matching funds.

Asset management plans help communities and organizations manage their infrastructure and other assets. HWC has completed plans for numerous assets, including pavement, bridges, sidewalks, culverts, ADA curb ramps and signs.

Curious about how an asset management plan is developed? Let’s take a look at how HWC worked with the city of Salem, Indiana to develop their pavement asset management plan.

  1. HWC first took an inventory of the city’s road data and corporate limits.
  2. Next, a rating was assigned to each city street. This rating was based on a number of factors that analyzed the road’s overall condition.
  3. After rating each road, a treatment plan was created. The treatment plan helped the city determine the best way to maintain and improve its road assets over the next several years.

As a result, the final pavement asset management plan allowed the city to manage its assets in the most efficient and effective way.

HWC is currently working with 16 additional communities to develop asset management plans and secure grant funding.

HWC Thoroughfare Plans Drive Communities Forward

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Did you know HWC Engineering is leading thoroughfare plans for several Indiana communities?

Thoroughfare plans provide guidance for designing roadway infrastructure that supports circulation and economic development for a community. The plans lay the foundation for both the upgrade of existing routes and the construction of new routes in a community.

When working with communities to develop a thoroughfare plan, the HWC team encourages input and feedback from community members. From public meetings to project websites and online surveys, HWC’s project team works to understand the goals and vision of the communities with which we work.

Of the many comprehensive plans completed by HWC in the last few years, each has included a thoroughfare component. In addition to comprehensive and thoroughfare plans, the HWC team has completed corridor, downtown, economic development, park, walkability and utility plans. This experience makes HWC the planning partner of choice for several Indiana communities.

As a hands-on consultant, HWC works with community members during the planning process to gather feedback and ideas.

HWC Awarded Two 2017 ACEC Indiana Engineering Excellence Awards

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Contact: Katie McLear
Phone: 317-981-1292 or 317-694-7034

HWC Awarded Two 2017 ACEC Indiana Engineering Excellence Awards

INDIANAPOLIS (March 6, 2017) – HWC Engineering was awarded two 2017 ACEC Indiana Engineering Excellence Awards at the awards ceremony on Thursday, March 2.

The Portland Water Park Project received a State Finalist Award, and the Madison County Bridge #97 Replacement Project received a Merit Award. More information about each project and links to project photos are included below.

The Engineering Excellence Awards are presented annually by ACEC Indiana to recognize engineering achievements, which demonstrate the highest degree of merit and ingenuity, by Indiana consulting engineering firms.

About the Projects

Portland Water Park Project

The Portland Water Park replaced the community’s aging public pool and was designed to improve the quality of life for Portland citizens. The new facility includes upgraded features for all ages, including a beach-entry pool, toddler activity zone, lazy river, vortex pool, water slides, dump bucket, lily bad walk and competition pool with spectator area. The facility also includes a new bath house with public restrooms, concessions area, pool office and mechanical equipment rooms. Click here to view project images.

Madison County Bridge #97 Project

After a 15-year closure, a historic, single-lane, single-span bridge was removed and salvaged to make way for the new, two-lane, three-span modernized bridge over Killbuck Creek in Madison County, Indiana. The existing channel of Killbuck Creek was realigned to reduce a large skewed crossing and alleviate flooding. This project improved overall hydraulic performance, enhanced vehicular safety, reconnected sections of Madison County and provided more direct routes for nearby residents. Click here to view project images.

About HWC Engineering

HWC Engineering is a full service consulting engineering firm that provides water, wastewater, stormwater, transportation, inspection, site engineering, survey, landscape architecture and planning services for both the public and private sectors.

HWC Engineering, headquartered in Indianapolis, has additional offices in Lafayette, Muncie, New Albany and Terre Haute.

For more information about HWC Engineering, visit or




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