Avon, IN

Zoning Ordinance 

The Town of Avon was frustrated when recent development proposals lacked the character and quality the community desired. Residents were also increasingly opposing developments and demanding the Town raise standards.

To develop a solution, the Town turned to HWC and Civic Blueprint.

The HWC team first led a public engagement campaign to solicit input on current concerns and future expectations. This robust process included:

  • Public workshops
  • Town Council workshops
  • Developer/stakeholder workshops
  • Public surveys
  • Video summaries and explanations for the public
  • Steering committee workshops

Public and stakeholder input was used to inform recommendations, which included merging their Zoning and Subdivision Control Ordinances into a new Unified Development Ordinance. Incentives were added to improve quality. Process changes were also recommended to increase transparency and provide more opportunities for the Town Council to guide development early in the process.