Batesville, IN

Stormwater Improvement Projects

HWC provided survey, design, bidding, construction engineer, and inspection services for the six projects identified in the Batesville Stormwater Planning Study.

The six projects include:

    1. EGS Culvert Replacement & Ditch Improvements
    2. Huntersville/Woodlawn Storm Improvements
    3. Ripley/Vine Storm Sewer Replacement
    4. Sycamore Lake Water Quality Improvements
    5. Central Avenue Storm Sewer
    6. Park Avenue Storm Sewer

The projects included approximately 4,000 linear feet of storm sewer installation, along with a culvert replacement, ditch grading, and hydrodynamic separator.

The projects were completed at a construction cost of $1.3 million with construction funded through an OCRA grant.