Clinton County, IN

I-65/SR 28 Utilities

Based on economic development and utility planning studies completed by HWC, Clinton County retained HWC to complete design and construction phase services of the recommended project for wastewater and water utilities at I-65 and SR 28. This project included new wastewater collection and water supply facilities to serve existing and potential development near the I-65/SR 28 interchange, as well as unincorporated areas along the SR 28 corridor, west of the City of Frankfort and west of CR 450. Prior to the project, no public water or wastewater facilities existed in the project area. The scope of work included approximately 10,000’ of gravity sewers (ranging in size from 8” to 15”), two lift stations, approximately 4,000’ of dual 6” and 8” force mains, approximately 18,000’ of dual 8” and 12” force mains (directionally drilled), approximately 24,000’ of 18” water main with associated hydrants and valves, four crossings of SR 28 via jack and bore, and an automatic flushing station to maintain water quality. Significant land acquisition was required for the infrastructure constructed in the project. The water and wastewater facilities were connected to the City of Frankfort’s systems and wastewater treatment for the wastewater collection system is provided by the City of Frankfort. The project was completed in 2021 at a cost of approximately $15 million. 

Due to available funding, a second phase including an elevated water tank at the interchange was designed by HWC was completed in 2023.