Greencastle, IN

New Wastewater Treatment Plant, Lift Station & Collection System Improvements

HWC directed this project to relieve the city of Greencastle from a sewer connection ban, helping to open the new Veteran’s Memorial Highway for new economic development, and allowing the construction of a new senior citizens center and the new Putnam County Jail.

Project Highlights:

  • Project cost – $12.5 million
  • Over 5,000’ of 36” gravity sewer constructed
  • 3 lift stations constructed
  • First Vertical Loop Reactor type of treatment facility to receive a construction permit in the state of Indiana
  • Received Merit Award from Indiana Chapter of ACEC
  • Plant can handle peak, wet weather flows, with documented increases of flow from 1.8 MGD to 14 MGD in a 24-hour period receiving full treatment with no bypasses or overflows
  • Financed using an IDEM SRF Program
  • Power consumption went down 12%
  • Staff labor consolidated to one shift