Jasonville, IN

Water System Improvements Phases 1 & 2

HWC worked with the City of Jasonville, Indiana to complete a master plan of the City’s water system. The study was intended to address NPDES permit violations related to water treatment facility backwash discharge and other system needs.

The master plan, which was funded by an IOCRA grant, recommended a two-phased approach to improve the system.

Phase 1 addressed regulatory compliance issues at the plant. This phase included a new filter backwash lagoon with liner and baffles, new backup power generators at the well field, well field transmission main, and electrical service replacement.

Phase 2 included capital improvements to address depreciated equipment at the treatment plant, replacing a failing supply well, and installing new transmission mains. This phase included the replacement of two gravity filtration units, new high-service pumps and interior piping, a new water supply well, and a new two-mile water supply main in a remote area of the distribution system.