Jeffersonville, IN

River Ridge Tract 13C

HWC provided site design for the development of River Ridge Tract 13C, which is a 169,000 SF industrial building on 11.4 acres that is located near the southwest corner of Logistics Avenue and International Drive in the River Ridge Commerce Center in Jeffersonville, Indiana. The project design included a recessed truck dock area in the rear of the building and an employee parking lot in the front. The design of this development also included storm sewer design, grading to provide a balanced site, and utility services to the proposed building.

HWC used the previously-prepared development plan and mass grading and utility plans to complete detailed engineering and construction documents for the site. Construction documents included plans for existing conditions, site (including dimensional control and construction details and specifications), grading and drainage, utilities, sanitary, storm sewer, erosion control/Stormwater Pollution Prevention, drainage report, and landscape plans. HWC also completed earthwork quantities, utility coordination, and permitting.

The construction for this facility was completed in 2023.