Martinsville, IN

Water Supply, Treatment, and Distribution Improvements

HWC completed a Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) for improvements to the Martinsville water system. The evaluation looked at supply, treatment, and distribution system improvements and made recommendations to address the most pressing needs. After working with the City and their project team to obtain funding and Indiana Utility Regulatory approval, HWC moved into the design phase.

The final project design was broken into two divisions of work. The first division included the design of three new 1,400 GPM wells within the existing well field, modifications to the fluoride room, a new office/lab building, interior improvements to the water treatment building, and miscellaneous site improvements. It also included the replacement of a remote booster station, which provides water to the Morgan-Monroe State Forest.

The second division consisted of a City-wide water main distribution system improvement project that included the replacement of over 13,000’ of 6-12” water mains, 80 fire hydrants, and nearly 140 service lines. Special sequencing of work was required to accommodate I-69 detour traffic that was routed through the City.

The $6.2 million project was funded with an OCRA grant and an SRF loan, and construction was completed in 2021.