Princeton, IN

Water Treatment Facility Improvements

HWC completed an SRF Preliminary Engineering Report for the City’s water treatment facility.  Improvements to the capacity and replacement of antiquated equipment and processes included:

  • 3 new 1,000 gallon per day aerators and a 3rd aerator/detention basin
  • Replacement treatment pumps with variable frequency drives
  • New 500,000 gallon ground storage tank and new high service pumping station
  • New filter backwash waste holding basin to eliminate the existing process of recycling backwash wastewater
  • New SCADA controls system for improved efficiency and reliable supply 

Project Highlights:

  • One million gallons of additional water storage for the system
  • Increased capacity of the plant to 3.0 MGD
  • Replacement of existing high service pumps with two sets of pumps to reduce the high pressure required of the existing pumps which conveyed flow through the filters and into the system
  • Modifications at the treatment plant to replace antiquated equipment and allow for future expansion if necessary
  • HWC completed all facility evaluations, planning, design, bidding, and construction management phases
  • Construction cost of $4.5 million (funded by an SRF loan and an IOCRA DR II grant)
  • Construction completed in 2011