Crawfordsville Downtown Loop Trail

Crawfordsville Downtown Loop Trail

Crawfordsville, IN

Downtown Loop Trail

HWC Engineering provided full-time inspection services for the Downtown Loop Trail project in Crawfordsville, Indiana.

The Crawfordsville Downtown Loop Trail consisted of removing and replacing all the existing concrete curb and gutter, sidewalk, concrete approaches, asphalt street approaches, ADA curb ramps, and the installation of stormwater improvements along various streets in Downtown Crawfordsville. 

The new construction consisted of a 10 Foot wide hand tooled concrete walkway that runs the length of Grant Ave, Wabash Ave to Walnut, and Walnut to Main St. The new concrete walkway has brick diamond inlays every 20 Ft as well as intricate brick paver designs at all intersections with Historic Downtown Crawfordsville etched into the pavers. This is the first of several phases to construct a walking trail throughout Downtown Crawfordsville to promote a healthy lifestyle for the City’s residents and the students of Wabash College. 

The $1.2 Million project was funded by INDOT and the City of Crawfordsville. 

Crawfordsville Sugar Creek Trail

Crawfordsville Sugar Creek Trail

Crawfordsville, IN

Sugar Creek Trail

HWC provided full-time inspection services for the Sugar Creek Trail Project in Crawfordsville, Indiana.

Project additions included: 

  • An MSE Wall Structure spanning 223’ over an Unnamed Tributary that outlets into Sugar Creek
  • An 8’ wide HMA bike trail approximately 1,878’ in length from Schenck Road to the existing trailhead by the Animal Welfare League

The $670,000 project was funded by INDOT and the City of Crawfordsville. 

This project was completed in the fall of 2018.

Delphi Washington Street Gateway & Trail

Delphi Washington Street Gateway & Trail

Delphi, IN

Washington Street Gateway & Trail

HWC completed the Washington Street Gateway & Trail project in Delphi, Indiana.

The project included installation of a multi-use path with period street lighting, handicap-accessible ramps, brick paver accents, site furnishings, wayfinding, and landscape areas. 

The multi-use path created critical connections between schools, historic neighborhoods, and other points of interest in the community. 

Federal aid funding was utilized for this project, which served to create a pedestrian-friendly downtown. 

Total project cost was $1.5 million.

Noblesville Midland Trace Trail

Noblesville Midland Trace Trail

Noblesville, IN

Midland Trace Trail

HWC provided full-time inspection of the Midland Trace Trail project in Noblesville, Indiana. 

The project includes new asphalt trail with corresponding curb, sidewalk and ADA ramps, communication conduits, storm drainage, culvert replacement, and decorative items, such as lighting, stamped concrete and plantings. Pedestrian/bike crossings are placed at each street intersection composed of crosswalks, signage, flashing lights, and cantilever arms.

The $718,000 project is being funded by INDOT and the City of Noblesville. 

Muncie Kitselman Trail Enhancement

Muncie Kitselman Trail Enhancement

Muncie, IN

Kitselman Trail Enhancement

HWC provided full-time inspection of the construction of Phase I of the Kitselman Trail and Bridge over the White River in Muncie, Indiana.

Project elements included construction of pedestrian trail bridge end bents, piers, flood wall, and slab spans with recessed decorative lighting over the White River. 

Other project work included a newly paved trail connection to the Cardinal Greenway and partial trail construction for future development to access the Kitselman Pure Energy Park.

This project was joint funded by INDOT and City of Muncie, LPA. Project cost was approximately $1.1 million.