Rush County Solar Project

Rush County Solar Project

Rush County, IN

Solar Project

HWC prepared ALTA/NSPS land title surveys over approximately 2,200 acres of land in Rush County for the potential development of a solar farm. Aerial LiDAR data was also incorporated into the surveys to prepare combined boundary and topographic survey drawings to support the design and layout of solar panels, service roads, and electric lines for project development. In addition to our survey services, our interdisciplinary team provided vegetative buffering plans, drainage analysis, planning and zoning coordination advisory services, and community and local government relations to the project.  

Montgomery County Interchange Water Supply Improvements

Montgomery County Interchange Water Supply Improvements

Montgomery County, IN

Interchange Water Supply Improvements

HWC worked with Montgomery County, Indiana to complete the New Water Supply Extension project, which serves the area around the I-74 and SR 32 interchange.

The design included four phases of approximately 4.7 miles of water main ranging from 12” to 20.” 

HWC worked closely with both Montgomery County and Indiana American Water (INAWC) to ensure the water main design was completed to INAWC standards. The County entered into a development agreement with INAWC relinquished ownership of the main to INAWC upon completion of construction.

Phase I, which included 7,500’ of 20” main along SR 32, began construction in fall 2018. Construction of Phase I was completed in spring 2019.

The estimated total project cost for Phase I was $1.5 million and the estimated total project cost for all phases is $6.2 million.  

Jamestown Stormwater Improvements Project

Jamestown Stormwater Improvements Project

Jamestown, IN

Stormwater Improvements Project

The Town of Jamestown was experiencing flooding problems for many years in several areas due to inadequate stormwater collection infrastructure and runoff from areas surrounding the Town.  

HWC performed topographic surveying of existing rights-of-way, roads, utilities, and stormwater infrastructure to support drainage improvement design for the Town. In addition to topographic surveying, HWC established existing right-of-way limits and property lines to prepare easement exhibits and descriptions for the new drainage improvement locations.

Phase 1 of the project included construction of Elm Street and Mill Street stormwater improvements, with a total budget of over $800,000.