Clark County I-65 Bridge Replacement

Clark County I-65 Bridge Replacement

Clark County, IN

I-65 Bridge Replacement

HWC provided full-time inspection services for the I–65 Bridge Replacement project in Clark County, Indiana. Project dynamics included demolition of the existing concrete beam bridges over a County road and construction of twin composite steel beam bridges in their place.

The bridges are single-span, steel beam bridges and the abutments on both sides of Brownstown Road were constructed using precast concrete panels to create Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) retaining walls. Additional steel piles were driven in the median to accommodate the future construction of two additional lanes on I-65. 

The project was divided into four phases in order to maintain two lanes of traffic on I-65 in both directions at all times. Brownstown Road was closed for a year during construction.

The $5 million project was fully funded by INDOT.

Lake County Bridge #1147 Replacement

Lake County Bridge #1147 Replacement

Lake County, IN

Bridge #1147 Replacement

HWC was responsible for full-time inspection of the replacement of the Clay Street bridge #1147 in Lake County, Indiana.

The project included the demolition of the existing bridge and replacing it with a modern single span concrete box beam bridge. This project also included new concrete abutments, wingwalls, and approaches, as well as asphalt paving, guardrail installation, storm sewer, field drive entrances, and landscaping. An added emphasis was placed on scour protection for this project as the waterway beneath the bridge turns at a 90 degree angle. The project also utilized galvanized rebar in its bridge deck for increased life span of the structure.

The project was fully funded by Lake County. Project cost was approximately $562,000.00.

Ohio County Bridge #19

Ohio County Bridge #19

Ohio County, IN

Bridge #19

HWC provided part-time inspection for the replacement of Bridge #19.

This project was a two-span bridge project over Arnolds Creek on Stewart Ridge Road in Rising Sun, Indiana. This was a community crossing project that was inspected by HWC and constructed by McAllister Excavating.

The project consisted of constructing two reinforced concrete end bents and one pier along with concrete I beams and an 8” reinforced concrete bridge deck. This project included 400’ of new roadway that led into SR 262. Other project additions included stone shoulders, a new steel bridge rail, and new guardrail.

This project bid for $769,930.27 and was completed on time and under budget.

White County Bridge #171 Replacement

White County Bridge #171 Replacement

White County, IN

Bridge #171 Replacement

HWC worked with White County to complete the Bridge #171 Replacement project. As part of the project, HWC completed bridge and roadway design, hydraulic analysis, waterway permitting, specifications, utility coordination, right-of-way acquisition, bidding, and construction administration services.

The existing bridge was an 82’ adjacent pre-stressed concrete box beam bridge built in 1969. The bridge had deteriorated to require a 12-ton load limit. Additionally, the roadway width was not sufficient for farm equipment, and the guardrail did not meet current standards. The new bridge included a 98’ multi-beam superstructure with integral end bents for minimized maintenance. The new bridge also included standard bridge railing, guardrail, and a 32’ wide roadway.

The project also included farm field drives for legal drain access in all four quadrants. Utilities were considered throughout the design process to minimize relocation impacts and avoid costly relocation expenses.

Delaware County Bridge #516 Replacement

Delaware County Bridge #516 Replacement

Delaware County, IN

Bridge #516 Replacement

HWC provided design, project management, and inspection services for the Bridge #516 Replacement project in Delaware County, Indiana.

Although the project was originally scoped as a bridge rehabilitation, a full replacement was found to be the most cost effective, long-term solution due to the extensive necessary sub-structure repair work. The existing four-span bridge was replaced with a three-span, 320-foot-long bridge carrying four lanes of Tillotson Avenue over the White River. Annual average daily traffic is more than 14,000 cars per day. The design accounted for and incorporated the four utilities attached to the bridge.

The bridge was reconstructed with a full road closure rather than phased construction to provide cost savings to the County and reduce detours and delays to the traveling public. Impact to the adjoining neighborhood park was avoided, eliminating the need for a CE-4 document and reducing the project cost.