Riley INDOT Asphalt Resurface & Bridge Replacement with Small Structure

Riley INDOT Asphalt Resurface & Bridge Replacement with Small Structure

Riley, IN

INDOT Asphalt Resurface & Bridge Replacement with Small Structure

HWC is responsible for the full-time inspection of the construction of INDOT contract RS-40163. This project is approximately 12 miles long and is located in Riley, IN on SR 159 from SR 46 to SR 246. 

This contract consists of two projects. The scope of the first project consists of roadway patching, milling, and resurfacing along SR 159 from SR 46 to SR 246. The scope of the second project consists of the removal of an existing bridge and replacing with a small box culvert structure near Blackhawk, IN on SR 159. 

The first project remedies pavement failures that were found along the route due to heavy traffic volumes and heavy vehicles. The second project replaces an older structure to remove the potential for failure in the immediate future. 

Construction on the contract began in July of 2020 and is expected to be completed by the end of August of 2021. This project is funded by INDOT and FHWA and is expected to cost $7,484,447.82.

Clay County Bridge Replacement On SR 46 Over Killion Ditch

Clay County Bridge Replacement On SR 46 Over Killion Ditch

Clay County, IN

Bridge Replacement On SR 46 Over Killion Ditch

HWC provided full-time inspection on this INDOT on-call project. There were two bridges reconstructed within this one contract.

Work elements encompassed within the first bridge structure included the following:

  • Removal of the existing bridge deck
  • Driving piling and pouring concrete for the construction of new bents and piers
  • Placing new beams, reinforcing steel and concrete for phase 1 at 301’ 6” by 16’ 6” and phase 2 at 301’ 6” by 23’ 10”
  • Constructing new concrete bridge approaches
  • Building up and constructing existing roadway to match the bridge elevation
  • Placing asphalt and pavement markings for both ends of the project
  • Placing seed and planting trees as per plan sheet

The second structure in this contract had the shell piling repainted and the original bridge deck was patched. A thin deck overlay was then placed atop the bridge deck.

This project was completed in June of 2020 at a cost of $4.44 million. 

White County Bridge Rehabilitation #104

White County Bridge Rehabilitation #104

White County, IN

Bridge Rehabilitation #104

HWC was responsible for part-time inspection/construction administration for Bridge #104 on CR 100 E over McKillip Ditch in Monon, Indiana.

The project scope included partial removal of the old structure and partial retrofitting between new bridge members, and reconstruction of existing members.

The work included new steel cross beams and a concrete deck which were fitted to refurbished existing structural members. New riprap was placed under the bridge at both existing abutments and new approach asphalt was placed on either side of the new concrete deck.

The project was 100% funded by White County. The total project cost was $294,000.00.


Lake County Bridge #240

Lake County Bridge #240

Lake County, IN

Bridge #240

HWC worked with the City of Hammond on the Lake County Bridge #240 project providing construction inspection services.

The project scope included lining three pipes below the earth filled bridge, milling, and resurfacing. 

Project additions included:

  • Bin wall and backfill
  • Moment slab
  • Sidewalks
  • Curbs
  • Bridge railing
  • Lighting
  • Pavement markings

Warren County Bridge Thin Deck Overlay

Warren County Bridge Thin Deck Overlay

Warren County, IN

Bridge Thin Deck Overlay

HWC provided construction inspection services for the thin deck polymeric overlay on SR 28 over Fall Branch, 1.73 miles west of US 41, and on SR 28 over Mud Run 1.52 miles west of SR 63.

The project consisted of deck cleaning and preparation on both bridges, including line removal, bead blasting, RPM removal, and hand grinding, with a few partial depth patches on Fall Branch Bridge. This was followed by linear grading and mulched seeding from the edge of the shoulder to the slope of the ditch on both bridges. Polymeric overlay material was applied to both bridges in 2 lifts for a total of approximately 904 square yards. A total of 94 linear feet of compressed 3” expansion joint was replaced and installed on the Mud Creek Bridge. Lastly, new striping was placed atop both structures.

This project was funded by INDOT and cost approximately $345,952.99 for both bridges.