Jackson County US 50 HMA Overlay, INDOT Seymour District

Jackson County US 50 HMA Overlay, INDOT Seymour District

Jackson County, IN

US 50 HHA Overlay, INDOT Seymour District

HWC was selected to provide design services for the US 50 HMA Overlay project under the INDOT On Call contract in the INDOT Seymour District. HWC extended the functional life of the asphalt overlay by addressing cracks at joint deterioration and longitudinal cracks by construction of partial and full depth patching of the underlying concrete pavement and application of a 2” mill/fill of the asphalt overlay.

HWC also brought the curb ramps to current ADA standards, as well as updated the nine existing traffic signals to have APS devices installed where applicable.

Posey County SR 66/Rexing Road Intersection Improvements

Posey County SR 66/Rexing Road Intersection Improvements

Posey County, IN

SR 66/Rexing Road Intersection Improvements

HWC provided roadway design, erosion control permitting, IDEM water permits, small structure design, right-of-way plan development, and public hearing coordination services.

HWC worked with INDOT to develop a solution to keep SR 66 open during construction by utilizing temporary portable traffic signals during the phased construction of the box culvert and a multi-phased plan for the reconstruction of the intersection.

Project let in April 2018 at a cost of $1,300,000, which was 5% below the engineer’s estimate.

Princeton Brumfield Avenue and Embree Street Roundabout

Princeton Brumfield Avenue and Embree Street Roundabout

Princeton, IN

Brumfield Avenue and Embree Street Roundabout

HWC provided design, coordination with local utilities, bidding, and construction inspection services for the Brumfield Avenue and Embree Street Roundabout Project in Princeton, Indiana.

This project provided a solution to a traffic congestion problem at one of the City’s most utilized intersections. With more than 50 trains passing through the community each day, citizens dealt with many traffic delays.

More than 25 years ago, the City constructed an overpass on Brumfield Avenue to provide a route for vehicles to utilize when the train tracks were active, but traffic at this intersection worsened over the years.

HWC determined a modern roundabout was the best solution to address congestion problems at this intersection. The roundabout was sized to handle fire trucks (a local fire station is located on the southeast corner of the roundabout), semi-truck traffic, and farm machinery. Improvements included 300’ of urban roadway on each approach, a new storm drainage system, and accommodations for lighting, and water features in the interior of the roundabout.

The locally-funded $464,000 project was constructed in 2008. Upon construction completion, the City added a waterfall and landscaping in the interior and created a pocket park on the southwest corner of the intersection. While the local citizens were initially wary of the functionality of the roundabout at this location, it has proven to be the correct solution. Traffic now flows without disruption, eliminating congestion and traffic delays at this intersection.

Franklin King Street Corridor

Franklin King Street Corridor

Franklin, IN

King Street Corridor

HWC provided design and construction services for this project in phases. The King Street corridor, previously SR 44 in Franklin, Indiana, is the primary gateway from I-65 into the City.

Improvements along the corridor function as a gradual gateway into Franklin with an emphasis on enhanced roadway elements, such as curbed and planted medians, reduced lane widths, and other traffic-calming features. Portions of the project utilized INDOT federal aid funds.

Pedestrian improvements were added along the north and south sides of King Street to improve connectivity to the surrounding neighborhoods, schools, and the Franklin Historic Trails system.

West Lafayette Safe Routes to Schools Infrastructure Project

West Lafayette Safe Routes to Schools Infrastructure Project

West Lafayette, IN

Safe Routes to School Infrastructure

The Safe Routes to Schools Infrastructure project improved pedestrian access around Cumberland Elementary School and Happy Hollow Elementary School.

Cumberland Elementary School improvements include two crosswalks along Cumberland Avenue, new curb ramps and sidewalks, and solar-powered flashing school zone beacons. One crosswalk was relocated to improve its visibility to vehicular traffic leaving the school parking lot. Surface sidewalks were constructed to provide connectivity between the walkways on the campus and street.

Happy Hollow Elementary School updates include three crosswalks. These crosswalks were improved by constructing new curb ramps, crosswalk pavement markings, and solar-powered flashing school zone beacons. A crosswalk on New Salisbury Street is in the middle of a steep vertical grade, so the flashing beacons provide advanced warning and security for the students crossing at this location.
The flashing beacons used at each school are programmable to allow school personnel to adjust the timing for those days when school has a special schedule.

These improvements were recognized in an award received by the City of West Lafayette for the benefits from utilization of Safe Routes to Schools funding.