Inspection Services

HWC Engineering has a staff of 22 full- and part-time inspectors located across Indiana, making us one of the largest and most dynamic construction inspection groups in Indiana. The majority of HWC staff have extensive experience with INDOT and LPA projects, and 75 percent of our staff are site manager proficient. HWC’s familiarity with INDOT and LPA procedures allows us to guide clients from the pre-construction stages through project completion. For years, HWC has helped clients manage and inspect their private and public infrastructure projects.

In addition, HWC recently invested in field equipment and software updates to ensure the use of up-to-date industry technology. With a history of completing projects on time and within budget, our innovative, solutions-driven staff is ready to lead your project from groundbreaking to ribbon cutting.

HWC Planning, Studies, Permitting, Funding Services

  • Transportation Planning
  • Traffic Studies
  • Funding Assistance (Federal-aid highway funding for LPA Projects)

HWC Design Services

  • Bridge Design
  • Road Design (Rural Systems)
  • Street Design (Urban Systems)
  • Highway Design (Arterial Systems)
  • Signalization
  • Intersection Upgrades, including Roundabouts

HWC Construction Engineering Services

  • Construction Observation Services for Roadway and Bridge Projects

INDOT Prequalifications

  • 4.1 Traffic Safety Analysis
  • 5.1 Environmental Document Preparation – EA/EIS
  • 5.2 Environmental Document Preparation – CE
  • 6.1 Topographic Survey Data Collection
  • 8.1 Non-Complex Roadway Design
  • 8.2 Complex Roadway Design
  • 9.1 Level 1 Bridge Design
  • 9.2 Level 2 Bridge Design
  • 10.1 Traffic Signal Design
  • 10.3 Complex Roadway Sign Design
  • 10.4 Lighting Design
  • 13.1 Construction Inspection
  • 14.1 Regular Bridge Inspection
  • 14.2 Complex Bridge Inspection
  • 14.4 Small Structure & Misc. Structure Inspections
  • 14.5 Bridge Load Capacity Rating & Other Bridge Analysis/Testing

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