HWC recognizes that the number of economic development opportunities available to a community are often directly related to the availability of water to serve industrial and commercial clients as well as community residents.  For over 22 years, we have assisted communities in locating, supplying, treating, transporting, storing, and distributing water.  HWC’s water system expertise includes all major components of a water system.  Our engineers have strong backgrounds in dealing with issues involving wells, reservoirs, treatment plants (new and in-service), transmission and distribution systems, booster pumping stations, elevated tanks, and associated incidentals.  We are prepared to lead community leaders from initial concept development through design, construction, and operation of a water system.

Equally as important, we recognize the financial constraints often placed on communities to make needed improvements, as well as the opportunity for communities to benefit from the income such utilities can provide.  We know how to assist communities in finding financing sources and assistance through the relationships we have developed with municipal finance and bond counsel professionals.

HWC Planning, Studies, Permitting, Funding Services
•    Capital Improvement Plans
•    Technical Assistance with Utility Rate Studies
•    Water Supply and Water Quality Studies
•    Distribution System Modeling
•    Permitting Assistance
•    Funding Assistance (Grants and Loans)
•    Regional Studies

HWC Design Services
•    Well Source Development
•    Water Treatment Plants
•    Distribution Systems
•    Pumping Systems
•    Elevated Water Storage Tanks
•    Ground Level Water Storage Tanks with Booster Pumps
•    Instrumentation and Controls
•    Modeling, Security, and Wellhead Protection

HWC Construction Engineering Services
•    Construction Observation Services

HWC Water Portfolio


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